Misunderstanding About Islam

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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَانِ الرَّحِيْم

Alhamdulillah to Allah (:  

This topic is quite hard for me to write it by my own but i got this "ilmu" from a talk about Islam and others religion. The talk was very interesting and attracted! This is what i want to share with you...

my ALLAH always bless my journey of life

10 Misunderstanding About Islam
  • Who is Allah.?
  • Islam is “personal” religion.?
  • Islam vs Muslim
  • Islam belongs to Arabs or Malays, embracing Islam is becoming Malay.?
  • Embracing Islam means cutting of family ties.?
  • Muslim are to treat non-muslim harshly or badly.?
  • Islam oppressing women.?
  • Islam spread by the sword.?
  • Islam always fighting
  • Islam is difficult.

Who is Allah.?

  • Lord of the world, Creator of all creations.
  • Also called Almighty God in english.
  • The Creator, Cherisher, Sustainer of all creations.
  • The One and Only God, no other God.
  • Everlasting, Eternal, Absolute.
  • Is no begotten and does not beget.
  • Nothing like unto God, nothing similar to God.

Islam is personal religion.?
  • Islam is God’s ad-Deen = way of life.
  • Sent through prophets including Adam, Abraham, Jesus & Muhammad saw for all of mankind.
  • Final complete guidance encompasses all aspects of life.
  • Practical ways of achieving righteousness and eliminating evil from our individual and collective lives.

Islam vs Muslim
  • Islam is the way of life from God.
  • A muslim is supposed to be following the way of life of Islam.
  • Today not so, many bad examples.

Islam belongs to Arabs or Malays, embracing Islam is becoming Malay.?
  • Islam is for all.
  • Time of Prophet, Persian, Roman, Chinese, African, Indian.
  • Embracing islam is not “converting” its “reverting”
  • Embracing Islam is not changing race or culture.

Embracing Islam means cutting of family ties.?
  • Not true, no such instruction in the teachings.
  • The Prophet was living with non-Muslim uncle.
  • No instructions to severe family ties.
  • To the contrary, instruction is to be obedient to parents, in Surah Luqman.

Muslim are to treat non-muslim harshly or badly.?
  • Discriminition. This policy is not from Islam.
  • Non-muslim allowed flexibility.
  • Muslim need to show a good example to others. Islam means peace.

Islam oppressing women.?
  • No such instructions in Islam.
  • Equal treatment for women.
  • Division of responsibility not oppressing.
  • Equal ending.

Islam spread by the sword.?
  • No compulsion in religion.
  • Convey with wisdom and beautiful exhortation.
  • Spread through wars was to confront tyrant rulers.

Always fighting.?
  • Islam is a way of life of peace.
  • Fighting when required. Attack when attacked for defending.
  • Muslims defending themselves.
  • Political power struggle.

Islam is difficult.?
  • Perspective difference.
  • This life is a test, eternity hereafter.
  • It have to difficult, if want to ease. Difficulty opens door to ease.
  • Not to make life difficult but to protect.

“At Jerusalem, I went to the mosque and sat down. A man asked me what I wanted. I told him I was a Muslim. Now I realize I can get direct contact with God, unlike Christianity or any other religion.”

- yusuf islam (cat steven ) -


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